"Through Orasana® I am bringing you the latest research, and the latest ingredients on how to care for your mouth naturally, on your way to achieve optimum health."


— Dr. Sanda Moldovan

Probiotic Mints

“I started taking Orasana® Probiotics Mints in the morning and I have noticed a big difference in how my stomach feels throughout the day.”


— Victoria Nelson

"I love this product! Before bed, I give my kids their Orasana® Probiotic Mint and they actually look forward to having it!-It's a treat for them, but in truth, I know how good it is for our overall health."


— Danielle S, Los Angeles, CA

"I had a bad taste in my mouth and a white coat on my tongue. All of it went away with Orasana® probiotic mints. They are really great!"



I really like how the probiotic mint is not chalky! Really tasty too! Delicious and healthy? Sign me up!!


— marie m

"I have been vegan for 7 years and I am really happy I found a vegan probiotic! I love that it is a mint. My breath feels nice and fresh each time I take it."


— Sarah E, Calabasas, CA

It’s safe to say that I am now addicted and don’t want to take my daily probiotics any other way! I look forward to my Orasana mints and I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall gut health. My skin looks amazing and my digestion issues have gone away! Plus, my breath smells great too!



"I love the probiotic mints. They are very tasty and I have noticed that my gums are healthier. They were very sore and used to bleed before I started taking the mints. Great product!"





"I really love the Orasana WaterJet! My gums are sensitive and it has helped me clean around my teeth without making making my gums bleed. Great product! I love this."


— Zahra B

I love my new orasana waterflosser!!!! It is perfect in every way! Also has a filter in the reservoir, where before I had to put filtered water in for less biofilm. I am giving them away as gifts for Christmas this year, since I am so pleased with mine. Orasana waterflossers for everyone!


— Shaney T

"I recently purchased a Water Jet; I love it; easy to use and like trying the variety if tips. Mouth feels incredibly clean. I highly recommend it."


— Lee H

I started using the ORASANA Oral WaterJet about two months ago. I totally LOVE it !! I initially started using it on the "soft setting" to get use to it and within a week I was able to switch to High!! It leaves my gums feeling tingly, fresh and clean !! I'm able to get around my molars really well because of the swiveling tip. I totally recommend it !!


— Sandy C

Bamboo Toothbrush

"I really don't write reviews, but I wanted to leave one for the bamboo toothbrush. I love that is it eco friendly. It is the best toothbrush I have ever bought. The bristles are fine and they reach around to the back of my teeth and I never experienced that with any other toothbrush. I feel like I am actually cleaning my teeth properly for the first time. Great toothbrush. I subscribed to receive one every 3months - That's how much I like it!!"
"I love the bamboo charcoal toothbrush! The bristles are so soft and adapt beautifully around the gum-line in hard to reach areas."


— Niki m


— Jo b

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