"Through Orasana® I am bringing you the latest research, and the latest ingredients on how to care for your mouth naturally, on your way to achieve optimum health."

— Dr. Sanda Moldovan

“I started taking Orasana® Probiotics Mints in the morning and I have noticed a big difference in how my stomach feels throughout the day.”

— Victoria Nelson

"I have been vegan for 7 years and I am really happy I found a vegan probiotic! I love that it is a mint. My breath feels nice and fresh each time I take it."

- Sarah E, Calabasas, CA

"I love this product! Before bed, I give my kids their Orasana® Probiotic Mint and they actually look forward to having it!-It's a treat for them, but in truth, I know how good it is for our overall health."

- Danielle S, Los Angeles, CA

"I love the probiotic mints. They are very tasty and I have noticed that my gums are healthier. They were very sore and used to bleed before I started taking the mints. Great product!"


"I had a bad taste in my mouth and a white coat on my tongue. All of it went away with Orasana® probiotic mints. They are really great!"


I really like how the probiotic mint is not chalky! Really tasty too! Delicious and healthy? Sign me up!!


It’s safe to say that I am now addicted and don’t want to take my daily probiotics any other way! I look forward to my Orasana mints and I have noticed a huge improvement in my overall gut health. My skin looks amazing and my digestion issues have gone away! Plus, my breath smells great too!


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