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What makes Orasana® different from other oral health & wellness brands?

Orasana® is environmentally conscious. We incorporate the latest research findings to give you the best & most effective ingredients in our products to benefit your health.

Why are Orasana® products beneficial to my oral health & overall health?

Orasana® products are dentist formulated by board certified periodontist & nutritionist Dr. Sanda Moldovan who believes that health issues manifesting in the mouth are key indicators for one’s overall health. Orasana®’s unique products were designed to nourish the mouth and the overall body, by delicately restoring balance of good and bad bacterial in the mouth and in the intestinal tract.

Where can I buy Orasana® products?

Orasana® products are currently available online and in our flagship store, Beverly Hills Dental Health & Wellness. (


Orasana® Probiotic Mints


What are probiotics?

'Pro' meaning 'for' and 'biotics' meaning 'life'. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in of your mouth and inside of your intestinal tract. They provide your body with health benefits such as protecting against bad bacteria, producing vitamins like B12, and reducing inflammation, just to name a few!

Why should I take Orasana® Probiotic Mints?

In our mouths we have over 500 million species of bacteria and fungi all living harmoniously together. When we experiencing bleeding gums and cavities, there is an imbalance of the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in our mouths. Taking Orasana® Probiotics Mints help to restore the ‘good’ bacteria in our mouths and intestinal tract.

How do I take Orasana® Probiotic Mints?

Place an Orasana® Probiotic Mint in your mouth and let it dissolve or chew it. There is no wrong way to take this mint!

When should I take an Orasana® Probiotic Mint?

Orasana® Probiotic Mints can be taken 1-3 times a day. For best results, take the probiotic mint after meals. In the evening Orasana® Probiotic Mints can be taken after brushing your teeth and the use of your WaterJet to allow the beneficial bacteria to work while you are asleep.

How should I store my probiotic mints?

Your Orasana® Probiotic Mints can be stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight & humidity. There is a protective lining to conserve the ecosystem inside of every Orasana® Probiotic Mints bottle to guarantee freshness.

Can kids take Orasana® Probiotic Mints?

The safety of probiotics has been proven in multiple studies. Due to the Xylitol ingredient that sweetens the mints, they are good to the taste and should be kept out of the reach of children. Please do not exceed the recommended dose. When given to toddlers, we recommend the mint be crushed for easier consumption.

Can I take my probiotic mint if I am pregnant?

Orasana® Probiotic Mints are made from all natural ingredients and are considered safe to take during pregnancy. It is always best to talk to your physician before taking any supplements during pregnancy.


Orasana® WaterJet


What does the Orasana® WaterJet do?

The Orasana® WaterJet is a powered flosser that uses water to clean around your teeth, gums, and implants.

How does it work?

The Orasana® WaterJet disrupts the layer of bacteria around each tooth via a pulsating water jet stream. Studies have shown that water by itself is effective when using the WaterJet. No mouth washes are necessary.

When should I use my Orasana® WaterJet?

The Orasana® WaterJet can be used 1-3 times a day, before or after brushing your teeth.

How should I store my Orasana® Waterjet?

The Orasana® WaterJet can be stored in your bathroom next to your toothbrush. It is important to make sure that your WaterJet is unplugged when left unattended.

Can I travel with my WaterJet?

Yes! The Orasana® WaterJet comes with its own travel case that includes space for the different tips and the charging cord.

Who can use the Orasana® WaterJet?

The Orasana® WaterJet was designed for ages 7+. It is especially helpful for those with braces and inflamed gums who will appreciate the comfort of the different power levels for cleaning.


Shipping & Handling


When will my order ship?

Standard ground shipping is 5-7 business days.

How can I track my order?

Once a purchase is made, you will receive an email with your order # and tracking information. If you haven't received an email please check your spam or email us at

Who can I contact about my order?

Have a question about your order or need to speak with us? We are happy to help! All order inquiries can be emailed to

What method of payment can I use for purchases?

We accept all payments through PayPal. All major credit cards can be used when processing a PayPal transaction and a PayPal account is not needed to process an order.